Saturday, 9 July 2011

The weekend starts here

05:41:00 Posted by Ashley Lister , 5 comments

Call me Ash.

I’m a writer. I write fiction. I write non-fiction. I write book reviews. I write an online column and I write some poetry. Like I said, I’m a writer.

(Soon I’m going to boast about my latest project. It’s very exciting. But I won’t mention that today. Today is for more important things.)

Aside from being a writer, I'm also a proud member of the Dead Good Poets. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the Dead Good Poets since they began writing and performing together in a college classroom at Blackpool.

I’m not sure if anyone else will remember, but they used to serve us free cake and drinks back in those halcyon days. It seems the rewards for our services are slipping because, now that we perform in public venues and local cafes, there is scant sight of free food or drink.

Just saying.

Anyway, I’m a writer and very excited to be here with the Dead Good Poets. Over the next few weeks I know this blog is going to grow and, from what I’ve seen so far this week, I know it will truly rock.

If you enjoy what you read here, please tell your friends. If you don’t enjoy what you read, come back later – it will likely have improved.

There will be regular bloggers, guest bloggers, discussions, poetry, fiction, notification of forthcoming events, reminders about submissions and themes, and probably lots of other things that I’ve forgotten to mention.

I’m also hoping this blog will be a good space where we can keep contact with old friends and new members, so that the Dead Good Poets can continue to grow and thrive despite the way the real world keeps interrupting.

I suppose it sounds like I have high expectations but I know the other writers in this team have exceptional talents so I think my high expectations will be justified.

And, whilst I’m aware that 99% of dull poetry blogs give all the others a bad name, I feel confident that this blog is going to be the exception to that rule. I sincerely hope, over the forthcoming weeks, you decide to return to the Dead Good Blog.



Lara Clayton said...

Great post, Mr 'BA(Hons)- PGCE' Lister. You raise some valid points - what did happen to the free cake and coffee?

vicky ellis said...

I think cake is the sub-theme for this week. It needs promoting. When do I get to pick a theme? ;)

Ashley R Lister said...

Lara - that's the first time I've seen all those letters jumbled together near my name. They look kinda cool Thanks :-)

Vicky - Shaun has picked next week's theme, Lara picks the week after, then Stephen, then you. Are you having cake as your theme?


Lisa Gilbride said...

There's no free cake anymore but there is wine available -- I'd say that's a happy compromise.

Ashley R Lister said...


You're absolutely right. Wine (and beers and lagers) does help to compensate for the absence of free cake.