Monday, 29 August 2011

I wrote you a poem.

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This week’s theme is Doorways, which I figure could be some kind of rambling drivel about new beginnings and opportunities. With that in mind, I had a flick through the job paper and, low and behold, didn’t find much to tell you about. However, there was this little gem...

Receptionist required for Massage Establishment. Must be flexible.

Ooh er! One cheeky advert doesn’t make a blog post though, so I wrote you lucky readers a poem.


The microchip tucked in his head started throbbing

Control to Test7, he felt danger approaching

Report home at once, an update is available-

Though he wouldn’t go back to that surgical table.

Convinced, he had been, that the door would be opened

For future- the great vision, survival sustained

A controller (new owner) was all he had gained

But dabble he did and we all pay the price now

The mobile network drive us as their cash cow.

Test7 unplugged, for defiance of rules

It could have been any of us bloody fools

As we drive further on down the microchip road

Against nature and science and all that we’ve known.

But press on we must, through greed and desire

To stay on this rock on which we first made fire

The threshold is crossed, we are nano, machine

The door is now open. Science fiction, bad dream.


Cheers for reading folks,




Anonymous said...


Good poem. And good luck with applying for that job ;-)


vicky ellis said...

Ha! My daughter keeps teasing me about getting a job on the reception at Tabu. Our gym is next to Cookson St so she gets to peer in the doorways fairly often. I don't know if I prefer her seeing Cookson St as normal or a future where we are cyber slaves who can be turned off.

I don't know why but the line 'To stay on this rock on which we first made fire' really appeals to me in this poem. I figure it must be the contrast between the technological and the elemental.

Triffic :)