Friday, 13 January 2012

Shiver me bits off.

11:25:00 Posted by Lindsay 5 comments

I can’t say I’m a fan of winter. Of course I can see how beautiful it can be, but for me it’s best observed from through a window with the fire on. I am a summer baby, and need the sun. The sun makes me happy in a way I can’t describe. I love long days of daylight. It’s a shame I live in Blackpool, as we’re unlikely to have a summer ever again judging by the torrents of rain in past seven years or so. For me, the best bit about winter is the transition to spring, where everything is fresh and bright and we get more sun. It’s a time when I can start to take my children outside without swaddling them in fourteen layers of clothing. I can stop wondering whether I should be knitting my chickens some cardigans.Maybe I suffer a little from seasonal effective disorder, but I come alive in spring. I shake off the drowsiness of the winter months and my energy levels soar.

I’m hibernating at the moment, both mentally and physically, until the spring sends me a signal that it’s ok to come out again. I’ll go out plant loads of flowers and vegetables that die in my sea-salt ridden garden, and I know they will die, but I still do it with fervour. The optimism that spring brings replacing the ‘what’s the point’ winter. I shall find a thousand new hobbies to try, and I shall take the kids out on our random ‘adventures’. I’ll find a new challenge to beat. But it’s too early yet, I’m still drowsy and comfortable. So I shall snuggle back down now, and wait. The winter sunshine outside right now gives me a little shiver of delight and anticipation that spring is going to be here soon. Then I’ll surface.



vicky ellis said...

Lindsay, thanks for making me excited about Spring :) It's just around the corner you know. We can start planning the adventures now xx

Ashley R Lister said...

Looking at the second photo you've got on there, I have to say that I also prefer my chicken with a little dressing...

Astute observations on the season.


Ste said...

I completely sympathise. I've always found creativity and energy goes very low in winter but when that rush comes back it's double strength. This is the first year I've not completely stopped writing in winter and that's down to you guys and this blog, so big thanks there! Still hoping for a Red Bull moment come March though. Happy hibernation - hoping you come out roaring like a hungry bear in Spring! (PS please tell me that photo's photoshopped!)

Danielle Rose said...

Please knit your chickens jumpers Lindsay, please pretty please x

Lindsay said...

Ste, that is a real picture, no photoshop involved. There's a lot of people adopting ex-battery hens and they have bald patches and so can get cold, there's even a charity which knit jumpers for chickens.

If I had the patience I would knit them, I tried but kept dropping stitches and lobbed the needles across the room. A 2 year old trying to 'help' and 'twirly wirling' the wool didn't hep either. I may ask Vicky to crochet me a tea cosy and doctor it to fit a chicken.