Thursday, 5 July 2012

West of the Moon, East of the Sun

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Archeological Finds on the Site of a Fictional 12-Year Relationship

paper crane with wonky wing
cotton blanket gloaming grey
leather boots' unblinking eyes
fruity oil and flower tights
wooden bear with cub in tree
sugar glass stained blue and green
wool retrieved from chalky bones
salty chocolate, cherry scones
Copper Kettle sung in C
Tin Man's lost anatomy
steel that rusts to dusty flames
silk-strand kite, Anansi's game



Ashley R Lister said...


A really stylish take on this week's theme.


vicky ellis said...

Cheers Ash. I'm gonna come clean and say I only remembered it was my day to post at around mid-day. I'm glad Michelle is finally joining us this weekend! :)