Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Urgent Information for Ghost Hunters.

For ghosts and ghouls in Blackpool today, look no further than the historic Blackpool Winter Gardens. A building drenched in presence (and the setting for many a local tale) is sure to provide a fitting location for the much talked about Haunted Blackpool project. Members of the Dead Good Poets, local writers and of course, those responsible for bringing everything together will be assembling at the Pavilion Theatre from 6-7pm, with the relocation all being down to the ghastly weather.

So, with a week of the lights left it is a fond farewell to the promenade and a chance to get your fancy dress on early- with an indoor haunt sure to be more appealing to some. Thanks go out to Aunty Social whose fortunate booking of the hall has allowed this to happen- true spirits.

In honour of it being Halloween, we’ve had a trawl of the internet and found some ghostly poems for you. Here are some that struck a chord (links open in new windows).

Edgar Allan Poe - Spirits of the Dead
Esther Morgan - Bone China
Michael Donaghy - Haunts
Linda Gregg - There She Is
Ciaran Carson - Fear

Thanks for reading, have a great Halloween whatever ghostly goings on you've got in mind. 



Ashley R Lister said...

That's a fine compilation of poems you've collected there.

Thanks for introducing me to so much new talent (as well as a couple of favourites).


Standard said...

And thanks for posting this! I just logged in to post this info but can now go back to bed! (day off) Hopefully see you all down there later on :)

Adele said...

Thanks for the update on location Lara. Will read the poetry when I have sorted out my costume - change of plan now it's indoors. Hope to see you there.