Thursday, 1 November 2012

Old, New, Horror, Blue

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Maybe it's the group name ' Dead Good Poets', maybe it's because it was Halloween, or maybe it was nature's way of telling Shaun not to wear sandals but the beautiful old pavilion at the Winter Gardens was chuffing freezing last night. Poets and storytellers had gathered for the launch of the Haunted Blackpool book, a collection conceived collectively, gestated over a damp squib of a summer by its tireless mother, Mr Standard, and finally forced out into a room filled with the expectant faces of its unlikely procreators: nuns, ghosts, monks, zombies, vampires and a tiny werewolf who came to see what all the fuss was about but sensibly found that books are only half as exciting as chairs which double as seesaws.

More details of the launch will follow tomorrow. Aunty Social, who kindly shared the space at the Pavilion with the DGP, screened two classic films straight after the launch: Nosferatu and Frankenstein. I must admit that I was on my way to the warm embrace of the pub and a pint when I bumped into 2 of my best friends from high school. Within moments we had fallen back into our old patter, giggling in our seats and reminiscing (if that's the right word) about the Halloween that River Phoenix died.

The charms of Nosferatu were lost on me I'm afraid. The iconic creeping scene made me smile but if I'm left wishing Keanu Reeves were there to liven things up it can't be good. I refuse to accept that I'm shallow however because I love anything by Lars von Trier which gets me out of jail indefinitely. Yes it does.

I think it's important to mention the rather lovely 24 year old soldier who saw fit to charm me last night. I'm not boasting you understand (I am so boasting), merely pointing out the poetry that is to be found in the art of chatting someone up. We talked politics and religion, ethics and definitions of freedom. We disagreed on several key issues but agreed that this was good. He lied in the way that a young, confident man will and I savoured the flattery while being mindful that he was closer in age to my daughter than myself.

Which leads me to the wonderful Raven, who is still in Washington following Hurricane Sandy's exploits down the east coast of America. Today she will be helping out with the election, assisting the 'Rock the Vote' team. She has quickly adapted to being stuck over there and I half expect an email telling me that she has found employment and I should feel free to visit her when she has settled in.

I will leave you with the words of my mother's cousin, Patrick, on Raven's situation: 'she is where she is meant to be and the lives of those she meets will be changed by meeting her and she by meeting them.'



Ashley R Lister said...

Shaun was wearing sandals? FFS - is he jealous of Tracy's pneumonia?

It was a good night. I hope Raven gets home soon.


vicky ellis said...

Thanks Ash - sorry for the random post today. I'm nursing a hangover :/

Wordrabbit said...

Wait until Vicky realises that the 24 year old soldier she was talking to has been dead for 70 years. ARGGGGHHHH!!!!

fleecicle said...

Ah Vicky, you should have sat at the front with us. The running commentary varied from the fashion faux pas of carrying your own coffin to the potential merit of doing thriller impressions in a darkened window to scare the odd woman over the road!

I was rather upset to see the credits of Frankenstein however saying written by "Mrs Percy Shelley"! I think the old girl would be turning in her grave!

It was all a lot of fun, but didn't warm up much more on the midnight tour... The lady told us it was the chill of all the spirits passing us by... So I guess it's that damn white lady to blame! :-)

vicky ellis said...

There was a midnight tour? I wish I'd known. I had imbibed sufficient alcohol to negate the ghostly chill by then.

It sounds like you give good commentary :-) I had one running through my head but deemed it inappropriate for public consumption (and if you know my standards you'll realise that was probably for the best).

fleecicle said...

Well to be honest I think the Winter Gardens need a few of you guys to write their ghost tour scripts because whilst I am a huge scaredy cat, I wasn't even mildly spooked... however reading the poems from the Hallowe'en event I was listening for bumps in the night lying in bed... which considering the flock of seagulls that like to flock outside my window, doesn't lend for a restful night! :)

But I hope I get to bend your ear for the R rated commentary at some point!

Adele said...

It was a great night. I met a 9 foot tall reaper and told him I wasn't quite ready for him yet. There's a first time for everything.

Big round of applause to Steve and Clancy - and to the Gazette who photographed us is all our ghoulish glory and managed to write a great commentary. Will put it in the DGPS Scrapbook.