Saturday, 10 August 2013

Untapped Resources

 by Ashley Lister 

 As has been mentioned this week, the theme of green often addresses the subject of being environmentally responsible. To this end we associate "green issues" with recycling - to extend an object’s perceived usefulness.

Consequently, I present below, a list of things that have never been used and could potentially be developed as untapped resources.

David Cameron’s conscience
Nick Clegg’s balls
The EDL’s brain cells
Cuadrilla’s sense of moral responsibility
Just Bieber’s singing talent
A Frenchman’s toothbrush
William Hague’s hair dryer
A BBC comedy writer’s sense of humour
Blackpool Council’s understanding of the phrase ‘road works’ 
The salad bar in an American McDonalds
The royal family’s usefulness (untapped for centuries)
UKIP’s racial tolerance
An ASDA shopper’s deodorant

Please add your own to this list in the comments box below. Together, I’m sure, we can help recycle some of the above.


Colin Davies said...

Andrew Loyd Webber's originality