Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's worse than that...

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 by Ashley Lister 

 Captain's log, Stardate 24601.69.

Over the past week or so there have been some changes here aboard the NCC-Dead Good Blog. Away teams have been lost. New crew members have beamed aboard. Radical shifts in the space/time continuum mean there have been some alterations to the programming schedule of the blog.

These changes are ongoing for the moment.
We hope regular readers appreciate the good stuff we’ve had and, like the rest of us aboard the NCC-Dead Good Blog, look forward to the great stuff that’s still to come.

As soon as the shit is wiped from the fan dust settles I’ll explain more about the new line up. By then you’ll probably have worked it out for yourself. You’re an astute reader and there’s not much slips past you.

But, until everything has settled, I thought I would share a song. Perhaps it will help to explain what’s been happening. Or, perhaps it won’t.

Captain's log, supplemental. As always, we aim to keep the Dead Good Blog fun and, over the future months, we look forward to boldly going with you, where few poets have gone before.