Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Look at the pretties!

09:16:00 Posted by Lindsay 4 comments
Free. Not often you get something for free is it? They might be a bit naff but Blackpool illuminations are one fo the few things left that people can appreciate without cost. Thats the beauty of them for me. Not just because I'm skint and tighter than a tramp with his last bottle of cider, but because for all their tacky glory they are something that can be appreciated without obligation.

We have adverts polluting our vision every time we leave the house, with glorious graphics and intricate designs it's hard to get away from someone trying to cajole us into purchasing their wares. Vision pollution, each fighting for our attention and forcing themselves uninvited into our subconscious. Gives me brain indigestion.  If someone popped their head in front of me and waved a product in my face 24/7 restraining orders would be involved. Against me.

Blackpool illuminations might be a bit old, a bit battered and somewhat random but that's what I like about them, they are there for their own sake. No-one (save for the odd sponsor) is trying to make me buy their overpriced gubbins. Yes, I guess the reason they exist is to draw cashflow into the town but it's not compulsory to go and see them. It's quite a nice walk with a bag of chips on a dry evening in between bodyswerving the guys rattling buckets. "I pay me council tax doncha know!" There are still some up I remember from my childhood and it's nice to see them alongside the newer creations. It's nice that my kids still think they are magical.

There was uproar here when the Council started charging to see the switch on, not just because people didn't want to pay, but because it took something from the spirit of the lights. Start charging to see them too, and people will expect chuffing holograms, flash CGI effects and graphics and a new set each year for their cash, which would be worse. Or lights featuring warbling contestants from the X Factor complete with Cowell and his uber pants. Hideous.

Keep em naff, keep em free, and avoid the guy with the light up swords like a venereal disease.



Colin Davies said...

Have you seen the app. Market Blackpool has an orgmented reality app that brings the illuminations to life. It's actually pretty cool.

Love the post.

Lisa Kelly said...

I just hope people back the illuminations financially. The funding they get is shocking and I always worry that they won't happen.

vicky ellis said...

My earlier comments didn't make it again. Stupid phone.

I agree totally Lindsay. Let's keep it cheap and cheerful. We're a town for the working class holidy makers. They need some free stuff to do when they get here cos god knows everything else costs a ridiculous amount. There's a lot to be said for an evening stroll on the front in Bispham followed by that bag of chips. The little kids are still blown away by it. They don't need anything fancier than a giant Peppa Pig or a see-sawing bear :)

Ashley R Lister said...

This should be a motto for life:

"avoid the guy with the light up swords like a venereal disease"

Great post,