Friday, 18 October 2013

R.I.P. I.Q:

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It’s strange isn’t it, how, when given a topic you get a marvellous idea of what to write, only to sit down and end up going off in a completely different direction?  I had a Poem in mind which was written some months ago now, perhaps even last year, when informed of the topic for this weeks’ blog.  I wanted to use it and sound reasonably intelligent.  Instead, this following piece came out. Just a mild word of warning, those who have met me at the LDGPS evenings will know that I am an easy-going, laidback kind of individual, this however is, for me, a little vitriolic! 

Day to day (because I am currently out of work) besides completing household chores and other necessary tasks or Volunteering at my Son’s School, you will find me sitting in my Kitchen either writing poetry or reading a good book, deliberately avoiding daytime TV and glossy magazines.  This is purely because I cannot stand the inane and constant drivel about “Celebrities”.  Whether it’s “Who said what”, “who is doing this that or the other”, “who is overweight and hasn’t shifted her baby weight yet”, “Who just had a boobjob or some other cosmetic procedure”, “Which Footballer is the latest weak Sod who couldn’t keep it in his pants”, blah, blah, blah!  WHO CARES?  Why do we need to know?  With all the other problems in the World, in annoys me intensely that there are people who DO give a monkeys about all this “Celeb” rubbish, and shows how shallow society has become. This constant drip feeding of information has overloaded our brains, fattening them with calorific data that has no valid use in OUR lives, to the point where they are turning to mush!  I have watched as previous colleagues who I have been able to have a reasonably intellectual conversation with, have turned into shadows of some famous person or other and ended up with the conversational skills of a Cod.

Society has become obsessed. Girls are starving themselves to emulate their idols, having unnecessary plastic surgery and dental work, demanding Designer clothes …. And shoes …. And handbags ….. and jewellery!  How have we allowed this to get this far?  Would the World end if we didn’t know about Celebrities so called private lives?  Of course not!  They are people (just about) who are supposed to entertain us …. In Films, on the TV, on the Pitch …. I don’t want to know about their private lives.  If they want to act like idiots, fall out of Bars wearing no pants, attack a bystander and get thrown in jail, then that’s entirely up to them.  But let us not reward them by giving them MORE attention in the media.  Cretins!  I have no respect for people like that.

“So? You’re a Celebrity!?”:

So? You’re a Celebrity?
How jolly nice for you!
You get paid lots of money
To do the things you do!

Well, that’s Super, Smashing, Lovely!
You’ve got lots of possessions and a book
About your life, but not written by you
Guess what?  I don’t give a F*** !!

You’re in a unique position
You’ve got the attention of the hoards
Find a Cause and get stuck in
Raise THEIR profile across the board

Use your Status for the good of Man!
For Woman and for Child!
Do something useful for God’s Sake!
Not just look pretty and party wild!!

Use your millions that you couldn’t spend
In 10 lifetimes or even more
For the benefit of those less fortunate
For Wildlife, the World, less War!

And don’t do it half-heartedly
Choose something you can do with dedication
Maybe then you gain true acclaim
For Ambassadorial amelioration!!

Ok, deep breaths, calming down now! Thanks for reading!  ;-)


Colin Davies said...

I love the venom in this.

"Go on girl, tell them what you think!"

Cracking post.

Ashley R Lister said...

Glad to see you ranting :-)


Ian Gibson said...

"Super, smashing, lovely". I feel this poem generates my exact thoughts about the irrelevant people, who follow "stardom" or are part of it. Jealousy? Nope! Maybe, I'm thick and just don't get it. But, the only people that interest me in the world are those that work day to day, under the radar helping the less fortunate... Rant over!!! lol