Thursday, 2 January 2014

52 Poems in the Future

As a child the future was something that could be cut out of the Argos catalogue and stuck inside a cardboard dream house. It was wishing to be older so I could play ‘proper’ Scrabble rather than Junior Scrabble. It was longing to be taller so I could ride the bigger rides.  Then, as a teenager, the future became more difficult to define and harder to decide upon. Cardboard boxes and one-dimensional paper objects didn’t seem as important; I was capable of beating my Nan at ‘proper’ Scrabble, and I was tall enough to wish I was shorter.

From those uncertain years of adolescence until now, my relationship with the future has always been a reluctant one – a concept I’d much rather keep at a distance. As a consequence I’m not very fond of New Year’s Eve (everyone looking forward, celebrating) and in response I rarely make resolutions for the year ahead.

However, after experiencing a twelve month drought with my poetry, I started to consider making a writing plan for 2014 – something that meant fewer blank pages, less fear, greater awareness and a rebuilding of confidence. And so when I saw Jo Bell’s latest poetry project  on my news feed yesterday morning it was like an elbow in my side, reminding me I’d failed to create a poetry resolution and that this year could end up being as wordless as the last. Thus, I have decided to attempt the 52 project, where the idea is to write a poem a week (with the aid of weekly blog posts) for a whole year, and hopefully this time next year I’ll have something rather than nothing.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your 2014 writing resolutions below.



Anonymous said...

I joined Jo's project as well.
Dave R.

Colin Davies said...

I am looking forward to reading your 52 poems this year.

You are, after all, a wonderful poet.

Ashley R Lister said...

Jo Bell is wonderful, isn't she?

I hope you'll be sharing some of your 52 on here.