Monday, 20 January 2014

Blackpool Characters

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I have to admit, I don't really know any Blackpool characters. I hear names, but these words just blend into a history of colour, long remembered. I don't really know anyone of real note.

Some people will say, "but you know Oz?" and I would reply in the affirmative to this however, I have worked creatively with the chap and don't see him as other do. He is a friend with talent, a very naughty boy and not the messiah.

For me the biggest and most influential character on the Fylde Coast is Blackpool. A town who wants to be one thing that seemingly contradicts what it actually is.

But to write a poem about Blackpool doesn't excite me. So I've been thinking and cogitating and contemplating and pondering. I've looked things up and written stuff down. I have pulled apart my tiny little tautologically filled mind to come at this problem/theme from not necessarily a different angle, more a less considered path.

I do hope you like it Mr Granger


The mother was frantic
The father swore and cried
A passer by ran to get the manager
Mobile phones dialled 999

Another twist of the head, sound of bone
A mothers face wears the blood of her infant
Father is on his knees sobbing
It's over in an instant

The child is gone
and the beast continues to feed
Father feels numb
Mother's heart begins to bleed

The manager arrives
Sirens filling the back drop
The horrific scene rapes his senses
Blood soak detailed snap shots.

Loss filled parents embrace
The zoo vet takes his shot
A lion falls to the ground
Flower are laid, in memory of Albert

Dat be it from me dis weeks cuz




Ashley R Lister said...

Excellent. Your mind goes to some dark places. Only you could have taken Albert and the Lion and turned it into a scene from a horror film.

PS - As I'm sure you already know, Albert is regurgitated in the follow-up poem, and returns home safely.

Colin Davies said...

That was the one written after it was show to test audiences that said it was too dark and wanted the character of Albert to return.