Sunday, 5 January 2014

Predicting the Future

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On the night I was brought into this world, the stars were in the sky. They had assumed the usual position for July, that being the way of things and as a result of those positions, I have read a horoscope periodically for almost all of my life.
This year, I haven’t bothered but I can almost guarantee that it will be a year of great positivity and optimism with developments made in my career and probably relationship (subject to the career thing working out). There is sure to be a sickly optimistic fortune teller out there that will guarantee me that. I could be in line for a windfall. Equally, I could be in line for a death.
When I used to work in a papershop, I had a flick through the magazines on almost a daily basis. I would read science magazines, writing magazines, various BBC titles, historical articles, financial articles, newspapers and of course, the weekly assortment aimed at women. Each of these catered for a different audience and within the categories there would be slight differences, though generally around a theme. I learnt in this time that there isn’t a woman alive that wants a bad horoscope read to her- and so I very rarely read one. Instead, they are peddled with positivity and hooks to make a reader come back for the good news the following week.
Surrounding myself with positivity is the way I am choosing to deal with 2014. I cannot predict the future and I wouldn’t claim to but, in the looking at what I plan to do with it, I can ensure that this year is better than all of those before. I have an ambitious novel to write (or plan) and a poem a week to commit to. I have grand plans meaning I just don’t have the time for the tripe I watch.
For the theme of ‘future’ then, I am setting my only resolution- to watch much less TV. And to get my year going, a poem…

Poem on a mindless afternoon off

We hail in the new year, twenty fourteen
New Celebrity Big Brother starts
Again, they’re all famous from ten years before
With a smattering of daft, frilly tarts

This is it, this is what we’ve decided to do
On our evenings and weekends we sloth
It all started when they made an ITV2
Gave us all those free channels to watch

This year, let’s say sod it to Cowell and Co
The future starts now- show them all where to go
Throw the Ant at the Dec and then both off that bridge
Boost the ratings for one final show

 Or one day, we’ll be forced to repeat old QIs
There’ll be no shows of interest at all
Whilst we’re spending our time watching cable or sky
We’re as well banging heads on the wall.

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Adele said...

Happyu New year mate and to Lara. I hate sppon fed TV too although I did a catch up of The Thirteenth Tale last night and it was not bad.

Please keep in touch.

Colin Davies said...

I have just read this Blog having just posted a blog about how we have more time than we think we do.

Here you have successfully demonstrated part of that argument.

And surrounding yourself with positivity. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Whether you think it's a spiritual thing or not, there is power in the positive.

I hope you actieve every single one of your goals this year.

Ashley R Lister said...

Read this whilst I was in hospital but my phone wouldn't let me respond.

Excellent poetry that drives home a powerful message.