Sunday, 2 February 2014

5 Fruity Poems

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Whether you're passing the time between superbowl adverts or looking to fill that gap between lunch and tea, I know that you're mad about both snacks and poems (you wouldn't have got here otherwise). For your Sunday afternoon treat then, I've written 5 new apple based poems- a fruitbowl full. Enjoy.


How many apples now grow on the trees
of the women and men making policies
and how do they discern which apples to pick
they start with the ones making somebody rich.


Apples picked and pressed and crushed
turned into a vat of sour mush
left to ferment and turned into juice
apples are a scrumptious fruit.


Apples falling from the sky
Apples baked into a pie
Without apples there wouldn't be
Molecular gastronomy.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away
So does a bloody good shit
Overindulgence in either of these
Can bring tenderness each time you sit. 


Shrinking big machines to handheld screens
used to be stuff of sci-fi dreams
but thanks to Apple's Steve Jobs
the world is filled with iPods.
Classics, shuffles, nanos, touch-
never can we have too much
our entire music library is digital these days.
Protected with a metal case, portable to any place
without iTunes on people struggle just to walk around.
We're wired for sound and playing consumer
they've branched out for every possible user
there's iMacs and iPads, iPhone 5s- all iFads
and I wonder what's inside their latest box?
iSpy robots. 

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Colin Davies said...

Thank you, I loved everyone of these.

Adele said...

Perhaps this is why you two have your allotment. A new eden?

Funny with an ironic twist - so typically Shaun.

vicky ellis said...

there's iMacs and iPads, iPhone 5s- all iFads
and I wonder what's inside their latest box?
iSpy robots.

Brilliant :)

I really want an iSpy robot. Tiny robots are the passive aggressive person's dream come true. I'd use mine to nip next door and destroy the speakers on the stereo.

Ashley R Lister said...

What I loved about these is they started off good and each one just got better and better.

Excellent writing.