Monday, 14 July 2014


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It's been a while since I came up with a list but this week I have been going about crafting a poem in a very methodical fashion.  It's a new approach for me but having slowed down lately and as part of my gradual shift towards a more ordered life I have decided to apply my new found skills to poetry.  So I have a poem on the way but at the moment it is nothing more than a couple of pages of words and associations, imagery and rhymes.  I've thrown in a couple of lofty ideas but will try to ignore those, focusing instead on the details to see what shines amongst the ink.

Since I have this opportunity, I thought I'd use the blog post as part of the creative process.  I hope you don't mind.  It will only hurt a bit.

The poem I have in mind has, at its heart, a web.  It's a web that catches the light to appear then is blown by the wind and disappears.  So I need a list of words which might loosely relate to the wind, the web, or the garden.  I want those words to have a lightness about them too, to reflect the nature of the web and the wind.  Easy peasy.  I'm off to scan my dictionaries and thesauruseseses....please enjoy this music while I'm gone.
OK, miss me?  Here are some words:

whiff - sift - fragrant - hymn
silk - lavender - smoke - sash
weft - warp - wasp
lint - bits - string - fluff - twist
itch - tits - which -
twinkle - sprinkle - spray - rain(bow)
pin - tip - nib - dip
lofty - shaft - heat - channel

shred - tatter - fray - fingers and toes
filament - coil - glass - twist - wire - thin

veil - sail - arc - bark

trickle - slips - creep - snail - silver
seed - pin - fluff - tip - basket - pod - pip

OK, that'll do me for now.  Please feel free to pass on any words or observations that jump out at you.  I need all the help I can get!  Thank you :)



Lara Clayton said...

I really like this list idea. It's really interesting seeing the words laid out like this and definitely makes me consider what each word has to offer. My personal favourites from your list are: sift - sash - twist - itch - coil - pip.

Great post.

She who shall not be named said...

Thank you :)

I've not tried this before. Just throwing words around hoping some of them stick together. I have a couple of half-formed sentences now. It's a bit like gardening. (wishing I hadn't typed that last sentence - now I'm expecting the metaphorical snails to eat the words in the night)

Sash is one of my favourites too. Not a word I've used in a poem before but it's lovely :)