Thursday, 7 August 2014

You Annoy Me When...

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As I tell Shaun that this week's theme is 'Stupid Arguments', he declares: "You're a row specialist". With defences up, I deny, and inform him that our stupid arguments are in fact caused by him doing things that annoy me. Most of these things tend to be a consequence of living together - and, while I find calm in order, Shaun seems perfectly happy with clutter and disarray. So, for your amusement, I give you a list of ten things Shaun does that really annoy me.

1) He leaves dirty clothes in the lounge, in the bathroom, on the bedroom floor and rarely manages to actually put them in the washing basket. This is made more annoying when I find a stray sock tucked beneath the bed AFTER I've finished doing all the laundry.

2) When he wears a t-shirt underneath a shirt he removes the two items as if they were a singular item and then leaves it on the floor. This is made more annoying when the t-shirt is white and the shirt is dark and I have to uncouple the items before washing.

3) After having a bath he leaves wet towels in one of three places: on the bed, on a chair or on the floor.

4) He plays Xbox before doing anything remotely useful or helpful. This made more annoying when I finish work and then have to do the housework.

5) He takes a hairbrush or deodorant out of the bathroom and then leaves it in the bedroom. These items live in the bathroom and should be returned there.

6) He takes his shoes off and leaves them in the lounge rather than placing them on the shoe rack. This made more annoying when I trip over them.

7) He uses the chopping board and doesn't wipe it down afterwards.

8) He never takes the empty toilet roll off the holder and replaces it with the new one. Instead, he balances the new one on top of the holder.

9) He puts out-of-date food back into the fridge rather than throwing it away

10) He drives my car more than I do and then leaves it in a mess: crumbles, cigarette ash, unfinished cans of pop, mouldy food, snotty tissues, CDs in the wrong cases, etc, etc.

But for all our stupid arguments there is always resolution and forgiveness - a sobering realisation that, despite our differences, neither of us works quite as well without the other.



Damp incendiary device said...

I reckon that, should you ever choose it, you will find parenthood a piece of cake :-)

Dave and I have the same list but in our case I take Shaun's role. At first we angered each other but now our exchanges are more mischievous and gradually we've both edged towards the centre. We'll never get to the centre but we know it's there.

Here's to happy disgruntlement.

Christo said...

Ah, a classic case of Bloke DNA (Crick & Watson identified it and announced it in a Cambridge pub I was in enjoying lunch in May).
The only known cure is your neatness influence over many, many years, Lara.
Best wishes - it's a hard slog.