Saturday, 6 September 2014


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You were in the other day, weren’t you?
Not exactly snooping around, because you were invited, after all, to come and have a read, a browse, a ponder.
Still, I wonder what you are expecting to find today.
Words, of course – that’s a given, it’s the currency here.
Anything more abstract and the going becomes too difficult: 2BR02B, for example.
No question, really – I’ve got to use words when I talk to you, reader, browser, ponderer.
Whether you’ll profit from them or feel short-changed I won’t know [though I could hazard a guess] – unless you choose to leave a comment, and that would be nice.
Have you come here, for instance, hoping to find alliteration, enlightenment, inspiration, observation, ululatuion? If so, I fear you are bound to be disappointed.
If you’ve dropped by looking for a poem, sorry there isn’t one today.
My poetry page has been left blank [intentionally].
But here you are, all the same!
In the vastness of an indifferent omniverse, perhaps that is good enough for now.
Thanks for checking in.
Next time I’ll be less prosaic.
Next time, there’ll be more on offer.
Next time it won’t all be about...


[left blank intentionally]

Thanks for reading, browsing, pondering. Steve Rowland ;-)


Christo said...

Posted to my Timeline with a Comment (favourable, I hasten to add).
Careful handling of the inspirational theme.