Sunday, 9 November 2014

Asking the question why

For the short version of this blog read Don Paterson's poem The Day. I take it to be about searching. What do you think? You can find it at:

For more, read on.

You remember the game, always asking why? How did it end? Not with an answer but mostly with someone getting fed up (probably an adult) and you being told go and play. Now we're too old to know better, what if we played the game again? Quickly we'd see we live in a place with no answers, the quantum world writ paradoxically large. We live in a world of probabilities, where you have to decide but can't possibly have enough [information] to do so.

Can poetry help us? It gives us a way to see a little bit further into the dark wood to choose a path. It can't take it for you but it's always searching, asking the question why.
Thanks for reading.   David Riley


Damp incendiary device said...

I found it difficult to read past the deafening rhythm. It was as noisy as that sea filled/not filled with gold. But the dialogue jumped out when it arrived. I enjoyed the short scene. You could lose the rest for me (I know, philistine).