Friday, 27 March 2015

Short sighted or what!?

There are times on the blog, where I want to take the theme and put a new twist on it. Sound intelligent and witty. Sadly this is not one of those weeks. I've had to go with a more literal take on it, sorry folks. The old brain seems to be backfiring and won't think of those wonderful skews that I would love to pursue. It would appear that I am unable to "see the bigger picture", meaning not only am I short-sighted, but I am also myopic in my brain function ( ;-) see what I did there?).

Seriously though, I myself have myopia, coupled with good old astigmatism. Aren't I the lucky one? So, not only am I only able to see a short distance but my good old eye balls decided that they wanted to be rugby ball shaped instead of round! Hence the reason you'll never see me without my specs. Every three years, I dutifully turn up for my eye examinations, only to be told that my peepers have worsened. It would appear to be a degenerative case of myopia. Joy, oh joy! Still, I can't change any of that, so I'll just try and make the most of things. Record to memory every little detail of my sons face, every achievement he makes. Well if the myopia doesn't get my eyes, a cataract might when I am old and grey.

Degenerative Thief:

Dimmed eyes no longer see
the definitions of your face.
Age obscures the edges,
blurring and smoothing,
removing the finer detail.
The creeping myopia,
stealthily stealing sight
in minute degrees
each year.
Lenses become thicker
to combat faltering
optical function.
Refractive errors
playing cruel games, 
focus just out of reach,
short of the retina.
Degenerative thief!
It will only worsen.
The best treatments
unattainable to the poor.
Constant cruel companion,
until cataracts take hold
slowly clouding
whatever sight is left.
Those misty eyes
long to see you again!

Thanks for reading! ;-) x


Christo said...

I've added to the thread appended from this on Facebook, Louise - more people are likely to actually read your contribution on there.
Finding the LDGPS blogsite is far to difficult for ordinary mortals, which is a shame, as our contributors put so much effort into entertaining readers.

Louise Barklam said...

Thanks Christo. :-)

Adele said...

Lovely poem. You are not short-sighted Louise. Far from it poetic terms or in your emotional depth.