Sunday, 11 October 2015


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Many thought that when I was asked to write a piece about the moon that I would write a poem about bare bums. The fact is I really like the moon and she features quite often in my work. I use her as a reference to colour and light. She has a subversive beauty, a calling.

“Oh the children of the night”


I howl for you
I move with the tide
You control my mind
You see my dark side

I bow and worship
I gawp in awe
You take colours from me
You soak my shore

I give blood to you
I dance in your shadow
You hide the Sun's fire
You sonata on a piano

I watch you rise
I admire your slender crescents
You cold hearted orb
You control with your presence

I wax of your waning
I would be lost without you
You ever present satellite
You are older when you are new.

Colin Davies