Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Well better late than never ! This week' s title hasn't really been far from my mind....At the weekend I got an urgent message from a friend, asking if I could look after her cat. You see her boyfriend had been rushed to hospital in Manchester with a brain haemorrhage and was in intensive care....he's still in ITU and not out of danger. She came to visit me this afternoon to keep me updated , hence the reason for my lapse of memory..I was preoccupied making a meal and baking some cakes for us, and for her to take home , as she obviously has other things to think of. So when I looked and realised the topic for this week ...well it fell into place . Mortality. Gosh we take it for granted. Yet it can be snatched from us, even at a young age. Yes, we don't know what is around the corner and really it's just as well. How would we react if we knew in advance ? Many people do get advance warning and face it bravely, and we often hear of these. But what of those people who fall to pieces, what if they are alone? Why, earlier this week I heard from another friend that he'd  inadvertently dialled a wrong number, however the person who answered was clearly in distress and so he stayed on the line. It turned out to be an elderly lady, all alone on the world who had just been told she had cancer. So he listened and offered what support he could. I salute him for his actions.
I don't have a piece to offer this week, but I ask you to think deeply about ..mortality.....