Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 is almost over: Getting ready to exhale.

Almost everyone died this year. Many of the people who slipped away were talented musicians, actors and comedians.  Many were still young. However, in Blackpool there is one diminutive lady who just keeps on going.  My Mum had a nasty brush with a thrombosis three weeks ago. She is 96 and despite the specialists who shook their heads, she has once again defied medical opinion. They say her kidneys are remarkable. Her spirit and sense of fun is unshakeable. Her capacity for love is boundless. And she has renewed incentive - a telegram from Her  (or His) Majesty.  

I will miss the phenomenon that was David Bowie.  I will ‘Listen without prejudice’ to George Michael in my car.  I will laugh at re-runs of The Royale Family and Victoria Wood. I will remember Muhammed Ali, who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. But I will remember most the joy on my Mum’s face at Christingle and her delight in sharing our Christmas. I will treasure the comedy of seeing her small frame completely obscuring the television screen, as she wrestled to adjust her hearing aid, while trying to read the text. 

I will miss all the others but I get to keep Mum a little while longer.  For 2017 I hope that you will keep the ones that you love close to your heart.  Love keeps us strong.

This is a 'found poem' in tribute to the ultimate performer, singer, song writer who died on 10th January 2016. I hope to see his next incarnation.

This is the beginning.
A Black Star turning supernova.
It’s a Space Oddity, oddly befitting of
The Man Who Sold The World,  
The Man Who fell To Earth,
sending shockwaves through our culture.
David Bowie brought Changes.
He worked hard, like A lad Insane,
getting down with
The Diamond Dogs,
making it Hunky Dory for the rest of us.
Ziggy Stardust and his Spiders from Mars
were our Pin Ups.
Bowie became the Buddah of Surburbia
and when Scary Monsters threatened,
he made us feel like Young Americans.
He told us that we could be Heroes.
He said, “Let’s Dance,”
so we put on our red shoes and danced the blues.
He was the Glass Spider,
in Black Tie, hidden deep in the White Noise,
in two Tin Machines.  
We followed him from Station to Station,
Dancing in The Street.
He Never Let Me Down,
though I was an Earthling.
Ashes to ashes,
Funk to funky.
Bowie is on A Reality Tour
And back on Stage … The Next Day.
Enjoy the rest of 2016.  Thanks for reading and for all your support. Adele 


Annie Walton said...

Wow! Adele !

Wordsmiffery Woman a fitting tribute to Mr Bowie....

I have to admit I knew little of him, admired musically from a distant other world and genre....but your words bring him closer.

Thank you xxxx

Adele said...

Thanks Annie. The poem is just a mash-up of Bowie's album title but I am glad that you liked it.

Steve Rowland said...

Your old Mum should have a starring role in a Duracell advertisement (thinking back to an earlier theme)! I liked your mash-up tribute to the Wild Eyed Bowie. Happy New Year.