Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Mountains Of Experience

When you think about mountains, there are of course the literal ones in their splendour in the Lake District. However, there are other sorts of mountains we can experience, such as personal challenges like depression, anxiety, loneliness or physical health problems. At times, they can seem like mountains to overcome.

More positively, there are also mountains of experience to enjoy. My wife and I have lived in many different places during the 30 years we have been together, from London to Liverpool, from Derbyshire to the Lake District and now we end up in Blackpool.

Blackpool & the North from Southport sands
It seems to be the in thing to knock Blackpool, even if you live here! There was a recent survey which put Blackpool as the tenth worst place to live in the country and the survey was based on the residents’ views.

So, to counter this negativity, here are my top ten mountains of experience that we have enjoyed so far in our six months in Britain’s fantastic traditional seaside resort:

1) We were able to buy a beautiful, large, four bedroom, art nouveau house, with all period features intact, for just over £100,000.

2) We are within a ten minute walk of a superb landscaped park, with period art deco café.

3) We are within a fifteen minute walk of miles of golden sand and sea, and yes Blackpool really has sand, unlike some other trendy Southern resorts I could name.

4) Blackpool Tower is unique and iconic in this country. We enjoyed a great visit with fantastic views and a good experience through the cinema etc, while you wait to get there.

5) The Regent is an antique, vintage, collectors centre in an old cinema on Church Street. It has excellent items for sale at reasonable prices. By night on Fridays, it also shows old films and for the value price of £10 you can have a seat and a glass of wine.

6) Booths is a fantastic shop, especially if you can arrive at the right time to enjoy their half price bargains for sale…duck, lamb, chicken, steak etc all can be bought for a modest price. Also, they do an afternoon tea for two at just £12.50, with a Booths card, or if you are feeling a bit hard up, there are even free hot drinks available. Ok, the stores are not strictly in Blackpool itself, but there are three to enjoy within a very short distance.

7) Blackpool Grand Theatre. We enjoyed a magnificent concert recently for just £12 per ticket. We have attended concerts in London, Manchester, Liverpool etc and this concert was every bit as good, but crucially at a fraction of the price you would pay in London.

8) Blackpool Trams. Why not take a day trip on the trams, for the value price of about £5? There are lots of interesting places to visit on the Tramway.

9) The Vue Cinema Cleveleys. On Mondays, you can watch a film for the amazing price of £3.99. Compare that to the Hertfordshire cinema price of £10.25 that we paid with our daughter recently and need I say more?

10) Last, but not least, the Dead Good Poets Open mic evenings at Ben and Johnny’s. These are very enjoyable evenings, led brilliantly by Steve and Adele. So why not come along to the next one and see for yourself?

They are only the top ten highlights, there are many more good things about Blackpool that we are enjoying.

So, in 2018 and beyond, let’s celebrate and enjoy the ‘mountains of experience’ that Blackpool has to offer and please do share your good experiences too.

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Steve Rowland said...

Welcome to Blackpool, David.

It's great to read a post accentuating the positives of the town.

My additions to the list would include:
- The once and future mighty Blackpool FC (looking forward to it being an Oyston-free zone)
- Notarianni's ice-cream parlour
- Triple piers
- Grundy Art Gallery
- Sand and sea, sand and sea, sand and sea... (walking along the beach from Blackpool to St Annes and back)

Thanks for the Dead Good Poetry nights commendation :-)

Anonymous said...

The view from the top of the Big One is something to see.