Thursday, 15 February 2018

The deep purple falls.....

Unlike most bloggers this week I am not fond of the colour purple . I have never been fond of that range ...from mauve to purple. When I was 16 I made a lilac crimplene skirt with a blouse to coordinate (the blouse was in cheesecloth type fabric with multi coloured flowers). Well, I wore it once and I did not feel good all the day! Ever since I avoided that colour range.

My late husband abhorred purple too, referring to it as funereal....much to the annoyance of a friend who relished in decorating her home in various shades of that colour.

Having said all that I recently made a dress in crushed velvet-- it's the colour of the wrapper used for Cadbury's chocolate. Does that class as purple?  I think it has a blue tint to it. This time I'm quite happy to wear the said garment, as it's warm and ideal for winter wear.

Sorry to be so contrary, everyone.

PS ...last week I bought some Scottish tweed, in a heather mixture. NO , it's not purple...

Sad to say I've no poem about purple- except if it refers to heather! (and I've done all those on the blog in times past). So no poem this week..sorry.

Instead I've searched my photo albums and come up with this...enjoy on this winter's day.

Thanks for reading my small contribution, Kath.