Thursday, 15 November 2012

Listing and Other Nautical Fripperies

Ambition you say?  How long do you have?  I have ambitions coming out of my ears...

  • See South America
  • Write the soundtrack to something
  • Watch Raven graduate from Trinity College, Dublin
  • Be one with my piano
  • Move people with art
  • Spin yarns for children
  • Open a cafe/bookshop/performance venue
  • Direct a theatrical performance
  • Sing Carmina Burana with a huge choir
  • Dance in an organised fashion without hurting people
  • Know spiritual fullness
  • Engage in copious amounts of skylarking
  • Perform Unconventional Attitudes at the National Maritime Museum
  • Chew the fat with fascinating people
  • Explore our history and remember some of it.
I'm working on achieving some of these ambitions.  It's good to have a list though isn't it?  I've always written my ambitions down on lists.  They are usually fairly short - I write 5 of my top current ambitions down and put the list somewhere safe.  I leave it there for a few years and then go back to see how many I managed to achieve.  I must be incredibly fortunate as I have, so far, achieved most of what I desired.  That's what lists are good for isn't it?  They remind you, not just of what you have to do but what you have already done.  There's real comfort in a list.

The first exhibition of 2013 at the Grundy Art Gallery will include two collaborative elements.  One involves fabric, the other sound.  Both ideas excite me.  Until I read the flyers for the exhibition I didn't have 'be part of a major art exhibition' on my list but you can be sure it's going on there now.  Why not add it to your list too?

And while we're on the subject, please share your lists with me!  I love to know what other people are up to (read: nosy sod) and I may just steal an idea or two.


Ashley R Lister said...

An interesting list.

My current ambitions include:

* write something that gets on TV
* bake some biscuits
* survive Christmas


Lara Clayton said...

I love your list. I think I sort of made my list in my post yesterday but, after reading your comment, I shall add:
* Build a tree house to use as a space to write poetry in :)

Lisa McFleeca said...

Extensive and interesting list! I think mine are:-

Learn to ice skate (again)
Make everyone's Christmas cards
Write a readable novel
Write the sort of poem children will recite in school halls


Adele said...

1. Perform my Battle of the Hairy Bogert from memory.
2. Dance the Argentine Tango in Argentina.
3. Swim at least once in every ocean. (The cold ones will be challenging but I have done several already).
4. Do justice to my father by writing about his life.
5. Too personal for this medium.

vicky ellis said...

I love reading your ambitions :-)

I might start asking this question to all my friends (and maybe some strangers). Ambitions are both revealing and heart-warming.