Saturday, 15 June 2013

Social Notworking

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 by Ashley Lister 

Come friendly bombs: fall on FaceBook
End its endless gobbledegook
And give us back the life it took
That we once had.

Come terrorists: come blow up Twitter
The loss will not leave one soul bitter
We’ll place the blame on some gas fitter
It won’t be sad.

Break Linkedin, Goodreads and the rest
Kill SlideShare, MySpace and Pint’rest
There will not be one tear expressed
We’ll all be glad.



Lisa McFleeca said...

Oh I dunno... I love getting my gossip in 140 characters or less....

Love the poem :-)

Colin Davies said...

Viva la revolution

Is a new networking made by, and for terrorist to exchange details, plans and photos.

Nice work Ash, it made me laugh and nearly detonate this bomb I'm making.

BUL (blow up loud)

Ashley R Lister said...

thank you both. the hardest part was going with the clean rhyme for twitter ;-)