Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How many apples?

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How many apples?

It took one apple,
To open our eyes
And gaze upon the naked body
Ashamed we run and hide

It took one apple
To say good bye
Leaving Eden to the dying faith
Of the lost listening to the lie.

It took one apple
To understand
The Agony of giving life
To a world obsessed with land.

I took one apple
To see the need
For the work required
So the people could feed.

How many apples will it take
For the same to happen again?
How many chances will we get
To stop the outcome being the same?

Open your eyes
See the pain
Feel the cold
Of the falling rain

Understand the shadows
Gaze upon the lies
From governments to peddlers of faith
Let no one be denied.

With closed minds we watch
As the guide leaves the chapel
I cry tears of hope fading

How many apples?


Ashley R Lister said...

Strong poetry. The symbolism of apples is striking and poignant for our current troubled times.