Saturday, 1 March 2014

Important Notice

16:13:00 Posted by Colin Davies , , 4 comments
This week we have seen one of the founding Dead Good Bloggers leave his post of Saturdays because of things that have been said with regard to the material he writes.

I have no choice but to respect his decision and wish Ash well with his radio show, teaching and all the other stuff he is doing to further his career as a published author. If any of us manage to have the career in writing he has had so far, we will count ourselves very fortunate indeed. Good-luck Ash from all of the bloggers on here, past and present.
This means the blog is getting more new blood with certain things needing clarification.
FIRSTLY, and this is very important, the blog has a different steering group and agenda from the Dead Good Poets. This is not saying that the blog is completely separate, nor does it mean that writers from the Society will not be asked from time to time to contribute work. It means that the rules and policy of the blog are not established by the Society’s steering committee. This will be handled by the four administrators who will be named in the coming days.
The bloggers have always tried to write on a theme every week and this will continue. There will be no editorial guidance to the writers other than keeping things within the law. This means no Homophobic, Racist and or Religious attacks. All bloggers may express an opinion which some people my find offensive however, it will be the considered judgement of all the members of the administration team as to whether or not it breaks these rules.
Comments, which can be freely left by anyone, should be reserved for critique. Commentators are allowed to express their opinions without recourse. Personal attacks on or against the blogger, and or anyone else within a comment will not be tolerated. Should any such comments be made and deemed to be overly aggressive or personal, the comment will be removed without warning. This will be the duty of the administration team.
Should anyone feel that something is breaching these regulations they must contact a member of the administration team for it to be considered and not retaliate themselves. These are not forums for points scoring. The blog is here solely to allow to writers to practise their love of words and for readers to be edified or entertained.
We ask that if you have a negative view based purely on personal taste express it as such and not try to dissect the piece because you just don’t like it.
I hope everybody will understand why I have felt it necessary to establish these point as we move forward with this award-winning blog and I hope that it keeps up the extremely high standards already set by those that have written before us.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, it's pretty shoddy to see good people taken down through extremism and prejudice. Look forward to following the blog and see it find its way home.

Christo said...

Thanks for this clarification, Colin, and hope that my recent success in actually completing a blog piece for the first time in a couple of years which I've sent to you will meet with the approval of the Administrators once these have been appointed.
Good fortune to Ash for the future, and thanks for the work he has put in to make the Dead Goods and The Blog a real achievement over the time I have been involved.

Sarah Croston said...
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Sarah Croston said...
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