Friday, 10 October 2014


Broken Britain. A phrase coined by those in power with little sympathy for those who it truly reflects. Interested only in clawing back money to allegedly reduce this countries deficit, from wherever and from whoever they possibly can, ultimately affecting those who cannot afford to lose any more than they already have. So the rich keep getting richer, while the poorest in society bear the brunt of austerity measures. Too many people, who were barely above the breadline before, are now so far below it that they are having to turn to food banks and the like just to survive. How can that be acceptable to the Government?

There has always been a north / south divide to my mind. With the Parliament being down in London, it has always felt like they have forgotten anyone else exists above the Watford Gap (ok maybe perhaps above Warwickshire etc.). The further north you go in this country, the less they seem to know or care about the population and their economic struggles. It's too far away from their own lives to see the true impact of poverty and joblessness. Perhaps, they should have a northern parliament, or alternatively, have a parliament building up here too and spend 6 months in each? At the very least, it would encourage a feeling of inclusion on our part.

Still, the fact remains, poverty in this country is sinking to (if it hasn't already reached) levels seen in Victorian times or even further back. Yes, we have some "comforts"; the NHS (how long is that going to last at this rate), the minimum wage (which at the rate of inflation won't buy much) etc. But really, there is ALWAYS a conditional "but" which accompanies them. Those in "upper" society are letting the children down, and believe me, class wars do exist even in this day and age.

A sign of the times:

Ruffians running wild
miles from their homes
their unwashed threadbare clothes
a sign of the times.
Dirt smeared faces
appear happy,
with undertones
of despondency
and resignation.
Parents out of work,
they reduce themselves
to petty crime
to eat
to survive
to exist.
Some of their megre haul
sold on the black market,
any proceeds spent by the parents
on beer
and opiates.
Whilst at home
looking after themselves,
they rummage through bins.
Their abode filthy,
with damp mouldy walls,
the rubbish strewn floor
sticky and black.
Animals and rodents 
have left their calling cards.
They rely on handouts,
goodwill from the church,
their neighbours,
They don't go to school.
They don't have a future.

This is modern day Britain.

I live in one of the most deprived area's of Blackpool. I see children like this every day.  It's a wonderful country in which we live isn't it?

Thanks for reading. ;-) x