Thursday, 7 July 2016


   Hello everyone and welcome to my Friday blog.
   Well, I've scoured my paperwork but I can't find a theme for this week, so, I'll just play it by the saying goes.
   ( I am thinking at this point, you do your own thing whilst I mull it over....).

   You know that feeling when you hear a piece of music and it transports you to a different time in your life ? You can recall exactly where you were, who you were with and what you were doing at the know ? We've all experienced that. It might make you happy, or sad or thoughtful. Immediately you are somehow transported to the moment.
    Then you'll catch a whiff of some aroma....maybe mouthwatering like a favourite , long forgotten dish. Perhaps a perfume that reminds you of a friend or relative. A walk in the countryside and you are assailed by smells bringing back memories of childhood holidays.
   The sense of touch too can be thought provoking. Perhaps a pet you once had, or a garment you wore, running your hands across a surface that your touch remembers.
    The senses are wonderful as they have the ability to arouse you physically and emotionally.
    My poem today is about those three sensations mentioned above. I didn't include all the senses in my piece, but you'll get my drift.

    This tree bark, pictured, felt like satin ribbon....

                         Senses    (Sept 2014)
      That certain piece of music,
      evoking distant memories -
      Childhood, family, dancing,
      love, despair,laughter, grief.
      A tune stored deep in my soul
      steps forward - makes me remember.

      That aroma briefly caught in the air,
      evoking distant memories -
      A forest, a building, a person,
      a love, an ocean, a cut lawn.
      A perfume stored deep in my soul
      comes to mind - makes me remember.

      A touch, the sensitivity of my fingertips,
      evoking distant memories -
      A pet, a garment, a wall, a tree,
      tall grain, a lover's skin, seashore sand.
      A sense stored deep in my soul
      a feeling recalled - makes me remember.

Thanks for reading and happy memories to all...Kath




Adele said...

Musical poem. Lovely Kath. Sometimes a smell of something like polish takes me back to being very young.