Friday, 23 September 2016

What a load of Rubbish!

Like Adele I abhor litter and fly tipping. Often when I'm out hillwalking I come across discarded packets, bottles and sundry 'once picnic' items. Generally it's not seasoned Trekkers that leave the detritus but more likely casual visitors...those who want to 'bag' a hill . It's not that difficult for heavens sake! If you've walked somewhere with a rucksack of goodies then just return with the wrappings.

Now that I've a small camper van I like to pull in to make a cuppa or spend the night and it's very annoying to find litter lying about. Not only does it spoil the surroundings, it can be dangerous to livestock and wildlife. Once again I don't blame campers, I rather think it's day trippers in cars. A prime example this last weekend. I spent the night in a remote car park at Wet Sleddale (near Shap). During the night some local youths drew in  ...not causing any trouble, apart from a bit of engine revving. However in the morning I found their chip papers and pop bottles discarded, and the crows had been tearing the litter apart. Anyway I collected it and put it with my own waste and the following day I drove onto Shap to put it on a bin. That was the difficulty, as the bin in the car park in the village was absolutely room for anything else. So that brings me round to the provision of litter bins ....and partly to the problem in Blackpool, that Adele mentioned. It seems that not enough bins, nor enough of the correct design keep seagulls prevent strong winds carrying litter away are being provided. After all people in hotels are unlikely to take their litter back with them.

Visitors and tourists to the countryside must accept that bins are not to be found in remote areas, as there is no they must take their litter, dog poo bags, carpets, fridges and old furniture home with them!

Rant over.....

PS. I finally discarded the litter I'd collected, in Arnside , when I pulled in to watch the sunset.

The photo featured is of Wet Sleddale reservoir

Dustbins outside the padre's house
Full of discarded confessions?

Thanks for reading ...see you on another trip....Kath