Monday, 21 May 2018


I'm one of those people who gets trapped in their own mind, caged by obsession and daydreams. A book is a source of escape. Images flash across my mind like a vivid movie and sometimes it's as though I'm inside that movie, an extra observing the leads from a distance.

Truthfully until the last month I've been distant from my beloved books, busy with the demands of life. But since picking up a book again my soul feels soothed.

In an odd way, being lost in a book has helped me to find myself.

I don't believe that people don't like books. I just believe that they haven't found one that connects with them yet. Books are good for you. Who cares about vegetables?

A poem by me!
The Love Of My Life
Let's get lost together.
As I hold you in my hands
And breathe in your warm worn smell 
You cast a spell,
Over me
With your delicious words.
With you I don't feel so absurd!
You make me laugh and cry.
Don't die.
Don't lie there,
Withering away.
I didn't mean to drop you.
Please stay.
I know I only have a short loan
But don't leave me alone,
Let's have one more journey together!
Hey the library won't notice
If you stay with me forever.

Thanks for reading, Helena x