Friday, 2 March 2012

Dear Writing...

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My dearest Writing,

You know I have loved you since I was a child and I always will. But I have something to confess. Two weeks ago I did Sculpting, and I admit that I loved every minute of it. I felt a little sullied at the thought of you afterwards. They told me I was a natural, and I felt I should pursue it but I always end up back with you. I love you but I can’t help myself. I’m a free spirit, and it’s an urge I can’t control. Call me promiscuous but I think we have to try everything in life to know what we value the most. Damn these things are just so attractive.
You know about Drawing of course. You’ve always known about that. You’ve had to compete since I was three and I’m sorry. You were just so similar to begin with; and I was too young to know the difference.All it took and all it still takes is a pencil to indulge you both. You have no idea how much you two complement each other though. I just hope one day we can all get together at the same time, and make something beautiful. It’s been done before, and worked well, but there has to be an understanding that there is no true loyalty to one of you. You are each as important as the other, and I have to devote as much time to both of you. Cross Stitching meant nothing to me. There was no chemistry, and every day was just so monotonous I knew it would never last. There was the bittersweet Karate, I just couldn’t keep up; it was all so controlling and frenetic. I still like to think that I’d do Sewing again, but only on my terms, I’m not fiddling with zips anymore. Gardening is still intermittent. I feel obligated as they need to be cared for sometimes but it’s from a sense of duty more than anything else.

But I want you to know I will always return to you. I cannot promise fidelity to you though. Others may come and go but by heart lies with both you and Art. You have had a lot of my time over the past few years, and so I may have to focus on Art for a while. If this causes problems I am sorry, but I cannot stay with you alone. It wouldn’t be fair on you or me, as I wouldn’t put my full effort into the relationship. So I will be spending some time with Art for the next few months, I’ve neglected them for too long now. I think in the long run it will help us all.

At least 50% of my love,



MoonJumpingCow said...

You have been putting yourself about a lot, haven't you? All great fun though.

Lisa x

Ashley R Lister said...

Clever. I think that's so well phrased.


Ste said...

This sounds ominous... How about sculpting something that is a visual representation of a piece of writing, then etching the words into it? Don't stop writing! Don't leave us!!!!