Friday, 9 March 2012


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As a child I used to struggle with certain idioms and metaphors. Similes made sense, as they said they were ‘like’ something. I understand them now, and love the way they can create a vivid mental image, both in poetry and in prose. But a sentence like ‘March is on it’s stomach’ actually still confuses me. The month of March is an abstract concept, lacking in any type of biological function, and as such hasn’t got a stomach. I'm not completely dense, I know it’s a play on words. But it has no point other than to play on the fact the word March has an alternative meaning, to walk purposefully. But we already know that, lots of words have multiple meanings, it's not new. It is just switching one meaning with another which then renders the sentence groanworthy. It’s a pun. I hate puns. I think they are lazy and if I had to personify puns they would be the lame comedian at the local club that your elderly relatives seem to like. They make me cringe, they seem derivative rather than creative. My husband likes puns, so as you can imagine his dinner gets burned quite a bit when he's on a comedy binge. So I’ve been struggling with this theme this week. I've not been able to run with something which puts me in mind of the Grumbleweeds.

All my little oddball brain can splurge is the original meaning of March within the idiom “An army marches on its stomach” and an image of disembodied stomachs, thanks for that brain. A troop of round little bellies bouncing down the road in full army formation with berets propped on top of their little bouncy tops. Reminiscent of this advert, only they are marching instead of chasing.

It seems apt to wish you a happy pie week too.


Ste said...

This made me laugh. The image of lots of little marching stomachs is now going to stick in my head all day. It's a disease! A meme that will now ifect us all thanks to your bloggy-belly-sneeze! Thangouu berry duch!

Funny - I thought of that 'belly's gonna get you' ad when I heard the theme as well.

Great minds eh :)

vicky ellis said...

Pie Week?!? Why does that excite me more than International Women's Day? Also, what is an International Woman?

Well done for saying what we were all thinking about the theme this week. But I won't thank you for reminding me about the Grumbleweeds :/

Ashley R Lister said...

Ricky Gervais, someone else who doesn't like puns, said he has always believed the word 'pun' is short for 'PUNch me in the face.'

Which, in itself, is also a pun...

(I think the theme this week is so difficult I shall be opting out to promote a giveaway of the DGP anthology).

Ash :-)

Ste said...

I think we should start accepting submissions for themes from group members on Facebook - could be fun :)

Lindsay said...

Ste it was lolloping round in my head so if I had to endure it everyone does ;)

Ash I find Ricky Gervais annoying as well but I like him a little more for his hatred of puns.

Vicky yes it's national pie week, and we had pie on tuesday. Might have it again before the week is out. I do like pie(which is pretty obviosu by looking at me)

Ste that's not a bad idea. Maybe we could ask for other perspectives on each theme as well. Louise Barklam sent me this as her take on this weeks theme, and I like it a lot;

"March, oh dear March. What made you go off the rails? Become a month that's neither useful to society or nature? You've been going around for a long long time now, venting frustration and comment through your blustering winds and never-ending showers. Spreading word that you're something to be afraid of: "beware the Ide's of March", like verbal graffitti, Tagging yourself through the ages and "bigging yourself up" like a gangster.

Well now you're paying the price. As an armed Policeman towers over you, gun pointing at your head, screaming "STAY DOWN, YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!!". Another policeman approaches ready to read you your rights and to slap on the handcuffs. That's how I see you now: MARCH, ON ITS STOMACH, on a cold concrete floor, hands behind its head."

Ste said...

I like that - is that a comment on the Occupy London movement?

Louise Barklam said...

Bless you Ste.

Lol. No it's not. It is purely a play on words, which popped into my head after reading Lindsays post.

Thanks though. ;-)

Louise Barklam said...

Additionally, HOORAY!!!

I've finally figured out how to comment on here!! Lol.

Ste said...

Hello Louise. Well there's proof of reader response in action then. I shall stick by my guns and say you were unthinkingly thinking of occupy London when you wrote it! I really liked it anyway. And now you know how to comment I expect more! :)