Sunday, 6 January 2013

#DGPS & the Gay Les Miserables

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 collated by Ashley Lister

Collated from Tweets and FaceBook messages directed to the #DGPS hashtag on January 4th, on the night of the Dead Good Poet's first 2013 Open Mic event.

Dead Good Poets poetry Twitter experiment
Twitter really irritates me. The Landline goes quite often enough with sales calls. No thanks.
Weeding out a Jedi poem and being scay-ud and nerrfuss wolfie
[hides behind my tiny tail]
And he hit him with a shovel.
There can be only one!
 What the chuff?
A combination of the eclectic and the insane
Howard and his Zumba Prayer. Comic genius.
a Dead Good
Poet, therefore I am 
a Dead Good 
Poet. Brilliant!
A mile is a long walk but only takes a short while when accompanied by a smile
Apparently I’m getting off on knowledge. Nice to know.
 Chicken dinner - the not suitable for vegan poem
 A good night’s poetry – January 4th / No. 5 Caf√©.
Back at the No. 5 on Friday February first. See you then.