Monday, 25 February 2013

If you should meet a crocodile.

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Good evening readers. This week on the Dead Good Blog, we're looking at the theme of Children's Poetry.

When I first saw this theme I must admit I did a little bit of a groan. For the life of me I couldn't think what kind of thing even classes as children's poetry these days and, whilst I know there are a huge array of poets out there writing for little ones, shamefully I'm not familiar with them.
My own experiences come from the poems I remember from primary school- or rather the brief segments of them that have stuck around in my head. I would actually argue that if it is a good poem, it is a good poem- no matter who the intended audience is. In tyring to apply this to my own writing, one of the immediate things that came to my attention was the level of intelligence required to read  a poem. Surely for children you should dumb it down a little but, on the other hand, kids read Charge of the Light Brigade don't they? I think the point I'm making is that each poem will stand or fall on its own merits- be it aimed at a child or an adult and furthermore, we should never underestimate the intelligence of a reader.
With this in mind, I've had a go at something vaguely topical. I had a poem called Butcher's Dog but I've left it at work so, you'll have to have this first draft replacement. It is no secret that I dislike sleazy politicians, especially when they are lobbying for votes so I have borrowed a well known children's title and tried to work something anti-politician/spin-doctor from it.

Photo Opportunity

If you should meet a crocodile
Take note of his shiny teeth
Ask him to share lunch with your class
Today it is horse or beef.

If you should meet a crocodile
With an unmistakable nose
Ask him if there are any plans
To build people more homes.

If you should meet a crocodile
With eyes rolling around in his head
Ask him about tuition fees
And what it was he said.

If you should meet a crocodile
With his spiny, crooked back
Ask him why we’re always looking for war
And who next we should attack.

For if you should meet  these crocodiles,
Remember this golden rule
Never trust grown ups you don’t know
Especially those hanging round schools.

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Ashley R Lister said...

You should read this on Friday night.

Great poem.


Colin Davies said...

I agree with Ash, read it on Friday. Nice idea to parody a children's poem with a political twist. I enjoyed this muchly, thank you.

Lisa McFleeca said...

Quite sinister... Love it.