Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mighty Shameful Harvest

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Good afternoon readers.

Apologies for the slightly later post today- I've had a bit of an issue with my antivirus- namely it resetting my computer for an update just as I was saving my post! Thankfully, as I appear to be able to write only in 'rhyme' these days, I managed to remember most of it. 

With winter approaching fast, it is the prime time of the year for my father to high-ear me down to the allotment to get things done. I always find it incredibly satisfying down there, just lugging things about, weeding, planting, thinking and such so with the days getting shorter, I figured I should get down and finish the path I promised him a fortnight ago.

Thinking about the blog ahead of time (I know, me!) I was trying to prepare a poem along the idea of Autumn leaves- specifically the way they blow about on the roads. I was happily gathering up leeks and such and what should happen... well, I'll let you read the poem. I guess I'm just a sensitive soul these days. 

Mighty Shameful Harvest

Clung to the road like a family of mice
skittering about in the wind
the autumn leaves are a warning sign
beware the treacherous bend

As I slid the Mondeo towards a tree
panic-swerved to mount the verge
I hadn't thought to notice them-
I was just eighteen, just learned.

Then down at the garden a decade on
He swaggered my way from the shed
Beaming and strutting he held out his arm
Three pairs of socks hanged there, dead. 

"You should see my bin" was his wry remark
As I told him he should eat them
but the pitiful thing about this lifeless tale
he was harvesting from a good season. 

Thanks for reading, 


Ashley R Lister said...

Anti-virus software - helping writers since... well, never really.

Great post. Glad you've got real memory to rely on rather than just the computer stuff.


Colin Davies said...

Very good work indeed.