Friday, 13 December 2013

An Oscar Complex

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Well, what a man!

I decided to look at quotes from Oscar Wilde as opposed to anything else, as I think they can truly give a better insight into persons psyche.  Those quotes which are observations off the cuff are the most revealing of course, as opposed to clips from edited novels or poems. However, doing my research, I found a proliferation of quotes online, showing an abundance of thoughts, subjects and excerpts from his written works. One that really jumped out at me was as follows:  "To recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting. It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less."    The Soul of a Man Under Socialism. 1881.

In the current economic climate this is as true today as it was back then. Perhaps David Cameron could do with being reminded of it.

I also liked this: "I love acting. It is so much more real than life."     The Picture of Dorien Grey. 1891.

To a degree, I think everyone is guilty of doing this at some point. Creating an alter-ego who is more than you really are. Wilde also carries this theme over into his other great work "The Importance Of Being Ernest" as explored yesterday on the blog. If you haven't read Lara's post yet, give it a read.

My absolute favourite though has to be: "The truth is rarely pure and never simple".     The Importance Of Being Ernest. 1895.

That is something which I class as one of my mantra's in my journey through life. I try to make a point of hearing both sides of a story. Although, even then, things may not be as clear cut as we would like them to be.  It is also a quote which I wish more people would follow.

I must admit, I do find that finding an inspiring quote is uplifting. It adds to my mantra of Life itself. Of course, there will always be opinions of others which I don't agree with, but again, that's life!

He was a man ahead of his time. In this day and age, his lifestyle choices wouldn't be a big deal, as they were back then. Shame really. I could sit here all day, just listing the many things that this man once said, but there are so many of Oscar Wilde's quotes to read, it is mind-boggling. But even if you only find one that truly speaks to you, then follow it wholeheartedly. Be a better person by the example of others.

"On Your Shoulders" - By Louise Barklam

Standing tall
Feet firmly planted
Rooted solidly upon knowledge of old
Progress unearths a road before you

Dare to step out
Forge forward
Pave the way

We stand on the shoulders of Giants
Every day
Do we notice? Not really.
Take it for granted at your own risk
If we forget what they have done
Future generations may wonder
"What's the point?"

Those Giants have lifted us up so high
We've forgotten them
They created works, things, and gadgets
They made our lives better
Enriched us

Don't forget the Pioneers
They made EVERYTHING possible!

BE the next Giant
Forge forward
Pave the way!

Lift the future on YOUR shoulders!!

Thanks for reading my random waffle today.  ;-)



Colin Davies said...

"Be the next giant"

I like that, and I think Mr Wilde would approve.

Really enjoyed this post.

Louise Barklam said...

Well, he certainly had a healthy ego ..... Yes, I think he would. :-D

Ashley R Lister said...

Love it.


Louise Barklam said...

Thanks Ash!

:-) x