Monday, 2 December 2013

Doing my research on Dickens

I went to the library,
To find some information
‘Bout this bloke called Dickens,
And the time of impoveration 

So I sat down in the archives
With an old newspaper to read
It was full of all these stories
That were very sad indeed

Children, they were starving 
Coz their parents had money
Diseases spread through the population
Like the rising waters of a Tsunami

Rich folk just got richer
While the poor were paid so bad
Counting their money without thought for the safety
Of the common old working class lad

Politicians did not care
For the plight of the common set
Blaming them for the place they were in
It was their fault they were so heavily in debt

There was an extremely palatable social divide
Between the withs and those without
The right environment for criminal gangs
A government with corruption throughout 

I was shock at the state of poor people’s lives
At the time when Charles was writing away
I was stunned to my core when I looked at the date
And realised the paper was only purchased today.



Ashley R Lister said...

Clever turnaround on that final line - you old cynic.

Colin Davies said...

I'm going to perform this one on Friday.