Sunday, 29 December 2013

On Christmas Morning - a poem

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On Christmas morning

On the street
Children with smiling faces greet
As Santa makes his way back home
To calculate his Wonga loan

The television's got it wrong
Old film repeats, nothing else on
So just for once, this time each year
The air rings with voices and festive cheer

As in houses the families come together
The men drink beer, the women gather
In kitchens, round a roasting beast
That bubbles, ready for the feast

The kids on bikes begin to tire,
They come and warm up by the fire
And long before anyone starts a tiff
There's a pile discovered of unopened gifts

Then we eat and we sleep as we play at the glutton
On the birthday of someone we've all long forgotten
But we carry it on, we all share the same views
Ring the bells, we're all here, and that is the news!

Thanks for reading, happy new year everyone.



Colin Davies said...

Made me smile. Very good indeed.

Shaun Brookes said...

Thanks Colin. I think I'm about done with festive poems for the year now!
I can get on to see emails and comments through my phone now too, so 2014 can look forward to a much less ignorant looking online me- one that actually responds to messages ;)
Hope you've had a good one, S.

Colin Davies said...

I never thought you were ignorant.

Christmas has been nice. I hope you have had some deserved relaxation as I know football resaults haven't be good reading for you of late.

Ashley R Lister said...

Beautiful and bleak. This sums up the spirit of the season perfectly for me.