Friday, 21 February 2014

An Unanswerable Question?

How? Who? What? Where? When? Why?

The world is full of so many questions. It is also full of people who are struggling to find the time to answer them, but they keep trying.  We are an exceedingly curious species, which begs the question: "If curiosity killed the cat, what will it do to us?".

The thing about questions, is that you can keep asking "Why?" even when you've been given a perfectly correct answer.  As Lindsay explored earlier this week, it can be an infuriating trait in Children and yet something that should be encouraged simultaneously.

When those questions are scientific, everything is clean cut.  But when those questions are of an emotional nature, things get messy:

An Unanswerable Question?

Mundane, everyday life,
going through the motions.
False smile and chipper disposition
plastered on to keep others happy.
Burning away at my very soul,
rage bubbles and builds.
Walking down the street
silently selecting random "undesirables".
Watching the News at home,
nominating Murderers and Paedophiles.
Until, the inevitable volcanic eruption
of molten-hot anguish and searing lava rimmed eyes.
Seemingly ceaseless sobbing heap,
good for nothing, except to ask:
"WHY YOU? ....... NOT THEM?!"

Grief does strange things to a persons psyche, but you pull though in your own time, finding out along the way that there isn't always an answer to your questions.

Thanks for reading. x


Colin Davies said...

My goodness, I love this poem.
The emotions are so raw.

Thank you for sharing.

Adele said...

Let it out, lovely lady. Powerful poetry.

Ashley R Lister said...

Very powerful.

Great piece of work.