Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Connecting the dots...

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This weeks theme and the theme for Friday's poetry event is connections. On Saturday I attended the monthly workshop run by the Lancashire Dead Good Poets which was around this theme. Taken By Steve and Michelle, we were asked to collaborate in a writing exercise to come up with some words which were loosely connected. Each participant was asked to start with a word and the word was then passed to each of the other participants to contribute a word they felt was connected with the previous word. When our word arrived back with us complete with a list of new ones we were asked to use this word. We repeated the exercise until we each had 5 new words, each indirectly connected to the first and asked to use all five in a piece of writing. There were some great responses to this challenge, and each very unique to the writer's own style. My words were;


It was a challenge but I managed to put together this rough piece, showing that even seemingly unrelated words can be connected to form a piece of poetry or prose;

Old wooden caravans lined the field. Greying grain peeped through the bright paint. Families queued outside each, disinterested. I took my place outside the first wooden box. A list of rules greeted each visitor; "No touching the exhibits, No Smoking, Do not speak to the exhibits." I wrapped my coat tightly against the chill wind. Finally I reached the entrance and its meagre cover. A man with a cigarette and a grin ushered me forward. "Prepare yourself for a sight rarely seen, a wonder that will dazzle and amaze. One of the last wonders of the world. Alice, The Bearded Lady." The door opened with a squeak to show a blonde woman complete with stubble scrolling through Facebook on a mobile phone.

I really enjoyed this exercise and it helped me connect where there were seemingly no connections. Advice from Steve encouraged me to look for ways to put together this piece from where any human connection can be possible, from one person to the next, and to again create a connection to the reader with writing. With these words I have created a connection from my mind to yours as I create a picture with words so that you can also see what I imagine.

Workshops run once a month the Saturday before each poetry even, which is the first Friday of every month. I encourage you to come along and try some new ways of writing and connect with other writers. You never know what you might come up with. :)



Colin Davies said...

What a fab post. It's nice to see the feedback to the workshops.

I love the little bit of flash fiction you've produced.

bostin said...

beautiful gypsy caravan yes we did have a great workshop I had to write about cocaine unknown subject to me be it helps to bend your learning curve the result was good anne ward

Ashley R Lister said...

It sounds like it was a good workshop. The quality of writing produced at these workshops always blows me away.