Friday, 6 February 2015

Which is best .... East or West?

Having spent the first 10 years of my life in a village just outside York, I suppose that it's my 'spiritual' home. I love it over there because .... well, just because. And fond memories I suppose. I've lived in Blackpool since 1987 and although it will always have a special place in my heart (for good and bad reasons) it's just not the same. So for me,it has to be East I'm afraid.

It made me wonder how many people I knew, who although they live in Blackpool now, originally came from further afield, and whereabouts they came from? If you're reading this, please comment in the section below and state where you are now as opposed to where you hail from originally. I find it fascinating. No, I'm not odd, I promise. I just think that it's interesting how we all (more or less) seem to migrate. I for instance have family scattered all over the country and even over in Canada. What about you?

As it was such a lovely day when I was composing the offering of a poem below, it came out with a 'nature' feel. Even though it is on the theme of 'Direction'.

Following the Sun:

I look to the East and welcome a new morn
as the sky lightens from darkest inky blue,
heralding the Sun in majestic ascension,
over land swaddled in nights embrace and coolest dew.

As nature awakens it shakes off the chill,
becomes bustling with jobs to be done,
from flowers and bees to the man on the street,
all of creation playing their part bar none.

And as the day draws on we turn and look to the West,
bade farewell to the Sun as it sets.
Beautiful oranges and golds, reds and purples to behold,
our precursory quilt as dusk paints silhouettes.

So as we settle down to our slumber and rest,
dreaming while the Moon follows that same right of way.
As our planet doth turn, we sleep and yet yearn
for Helios blessing at the next break of day.

Thanks for reading!  ;-) x


Adele said...

Sandgrown Louise and although I have lived in many places here and in Tenerife, Blackpool calls me back. I believe it is the skyline and the sunsets. My siblings all left and think it is a filthy dump. Who knew?