Friday, 7 August 2015

"I tort I taw a puddy tat! ... I did! I did see a puddy tat!!"

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Ah Tweety! Poor old Sylvester's nemesis. Then there's Jerry of course. Tormenting Thomas (Tom to me and you), and getting him a whopping with a broom. Tsk tsk, naughty Jerry! Yes I prefer the cat characters to the others. I had a quick look on-line to see how many cats are in cartoons alone and was very surprised.

If I were to have a pet, it would be a cat. I like dogs but I'm afraid that I find them too "labour intensive", whereas cats, well they're much more independent. We've had family pets over the years, including 3 cats (namely Marmalade, Domino and Tigger), and they were my favourites to be fair. Sadly Marmalade (an un-neutered ginger Tom) ran away, Domino (a black and white rescue cat) had been badly treated by her previous owners and then when we took her in, she developed cancer and we had to have her put to sleep poor thing. Tigger (a tortoiseshell) however, stuck around for a good many years. He was a very good cat and would even bring home the occasional "gift" and leave it on the back step, but sadly got knocked down when out one day. He died at the vets. That was the late 90's and we haven't had another cat since.

So although, my track record with cats isn't exactly fantastic, I do love them. I wrote this weeks' poem with Tigger in mind. The picture above bears an uncanny resemblance to him.


Lithe feline,
whether leaping or lazing,
stalking or scrapping,
how do you make 
everything seem
so effortless?
With poker faced practise
you look on,
or occasionally
with contemptible glare,
when the blink
comes slowly.
Resonant purr
through my chest cavity,
while your paws
with a peek-a-boo
needle touch.
So independent,
yet needy.
Seeking strokes
or a lap
to curl up on.
The closeness
a comfort
as well as a warm.
While we turn to our beds
at night,
having snoozed the day away
you explore your domain,
marking your boundaries
and perhaps seek some tail? 
But an expression
of affection
lies dead
on my doorstep
in the morning.

Thanks for reading. ;-) x

P.S. Don't forget the Open Mic night tonight! It starts at the slightly earlier time of 17:30 hrs at a new venue for us - Cafe Dolce, Abingdon Street, Blackpool. The theme is Cats, although it's not mandatory, so come along and listen or read. We look forward to seeing you there!!


Steve Rowland said...

Cat people rule ;-)