Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Sunday - - in a thunderstorm.

Well, it seems appropriate that I wrote this while  thunder cracked overhead and lightning streaked the sky. The gulls too were upset and crying out their distress. No umbrella would have done in the squally wind that came out of nowhere..it would have turned a brolly inside out, like a yacht in a turbulent sea. Also it's dangerous to use an umbrella in such conditions as it's an ideal conductor...especially the metal brollies that we all sport today. Makes me wonder if the wooden shafted umbrellas were safer - I don't know the answer to that one!

Recently whilst hiking I travelled 'light' for a change, but carried a very old folding umbrella ( now that's a feat of engineering worthy of mention. Take a look at the workings for they don't all fold up the same ! ). Luckily I didn't require the umbrella for it's intended purpose, but, it did however make an excellent sunshade providing protection for face, neck and shoulders. Many passing walkers were envious of my idea. So it proved a vital piece of equipment on that calm, very hot day.

The Ardent Umbrella

Take me with you now
I'm wasted in the closet
Keep me close at hand
Never let me stray.      

Treat me gently now    
         My spokes are easily broken
Put me in your bag      
       Keep me closed and ready.

Take me with you now
I'm such a useful item  
Spread my fabric out  
        I'll protect you from the rain.

Hold me close to you 
        I'll shelter you from torrents
        Had your hair done today ?
I'll keep it that way .   

Take me with you now
I'm wasted in the closet
Keep me close to hand
I'll be yours forever .
    Kath Curtiss