Thursday, 5 November 2015

Doppelganger - must be seeing double.

When my sister and I were younger, we worked together and wore the same uniform.  I remember one day we went out together to buy lunch and a lady said, "Ooh twins!" I was mortified because she was nine years older than me.  I suspect she was flattered.  It depends on your perspective.  Around the late 1970's I saw a poster for Slimmer of the Year.  The woman was my body double. She was wearing a dress by Jersey Master - I had the identical dress - she looked exactly like me and she was dancing.  At first glance I really thought that the company had used my photograph.  The resemblance was uncanny.

Having read Kathleen's blog this week, I am beginning to wonder whether mistaken identity also played a part in my own marital breakdown.  My ex-husband was seen at a country pub with a woman who "looked very like me but was much taller". Apparently they were kissing rather passionately. It probably doesn't matter 16 years after the divorce but I can't help wondering now, whether it actually me, with my hair done and make-up on, wearing and high heels. Oh well - we all make mistakes!    

Of course we know that doubles are used in public life as decoys, especially for Presidents.  I believe that Saddam Hussain had several, all of them expendable. The same is said of the tyrant Adolf Hitler.  My view is that one of each of them was more than enough, resembling one of them must be a life sentence in itself. Funny though, we seem to like people who impersonate others.  There is a local lady who looks and attempts to sing like Amy Winehouse. Elvis Presley is alive and well. Perhaps I should say that there are thousands of Elvis Presleys around the world, many making a living from duplicating his iconic styling. 

The upsurge of Marvel Comic book movies has given free reign to the idea of the alter-ego, after all, where would Spiderman be without his ordinary persona Peter Parker.  Most of the Batman characters are based on the duality of human nature.  I always found Cat Woman particularly appealing and went to a Halloween party in a version of the costume.  I found the mask, long claws and bull whip tail, realised my inner dominatrix - oops I mean kitten. I must confess, the idea of having a double is both unnerving and strangely appealing. A little like wearing a disguise..... 

Wasn't me
You accuse me of spending too much on clothes,
by an exclusive fashion designer,
you say that the game is up because
you spotted the name on the hanger
but I only shop at TK Max,
so that was my doppelganger.

You said that you saw me playing golf,
in Spain at the course called La Manga,
you said that I putted like a pro,  
with a swing to rival Langer. 
You must have mislaid your eagle eye,
for that was my doppelganger.

And when the village barn caught fire,
the night was the 5th of November,
you told the police I went out on my own,
you said that I’d taken a banger
but I’m not a fire-starter my dear,
that was my doppelganger.

It strikes me that you have been indiscrete,
you may have dropped a clanger
I don’t mind at all that you slander me
I won’t give vent to my anger,
but if you should die from an axe in the head,
it will be my doppelganger. 

Just a bit of fun!  Thanks for reading.  Adele