Tuesday, 1 March 2016

At The Movies

Well, I've been singing " Saturday night at the movies, who cares what picture you see, when you're hugging with your baby on the balcony ? " ever since I saw this week's title!

For of course in those heady days of dating, going to the pictures was a sure fire certainty. Shame to say that 'no' I can't recall the films I went to see! However before that time we often went to the pictures as a family: 'westerns' were always a good option, providing good family entertainment and I must admit I was addicted to 'Cowboys and Indians' and it wasn't until I was in my late teens and read "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" that my perception of the whole episode of the 'West' was changed forever. My parents also liked musicals and I recall going to see "The King and I", "South Pacific", Oklahoma", "Annie Get Your Gun" and "The Sound of Music" .....to name just a few. With school chums I went to see "101 Dalmatians" ( in the 'flea pit'), "West Side Story"... and many more. My secondary school had a film club and that was very popular.

My son loved the "Star Wars" movies and we went to an all night session in Oxford to watch three of these in one sitting! Recently I went to the multiplex cinema to see the very latest one in the series...in 3D . I love 3D! I'm often to be found sitting alone in the Vue cinema watching movies, wearing special glasses! I admire special effects, but have to admit I often find the music in the background a bit overpowering, but isn't it nice that smoking is no longer allowed. Who remembers looking at the smoke in the rays from the projector? I especially admire the original Walt Disney films, and wonder at the artist's skills in producing the actions required.

So now I venture to the movies when I can. Get myself a comfortable seat in a prime position and wait to be transported to another time, place or adventure. When I went to see "Everest" I climbed every cliff face with them, I struggled to get my breath ....almost feeling the need for oxygen! "Star Wars " made me dodge the fighters travelling at warp speed! Recently I had a bit of a calamity having been persuaded that "Revenant" was a boring film (according to a couple of friends ), so I went instead to see "The Hateful Eight". WOW was it gruesome! Every time something nasty happened I closed my eyes...only to open them just as quickly so as not to miss any action! When I left the cinema a couple admired my courage in seeing the movie alone! Anyway I fully intend to return and see "Revenant" just to quench my curiosity.

Thanks for reading, Kath.