Friday, 17 June 2016

Many Meanings of Run

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This week's title is 'Run' .  Well I'll be 'running' a friend back to my home on Friday, so therefore I'm writing this up on Tuesday...yes you've guessed it I'm on the 'run' again!

The word run has so many meanings, which makes one realise just how complex the English language is.

Colours run; stockings run; knitting runs; water runs; taps and rivers run. One can have a run of good or bad fortune. Numbers run in sequence. Animals have runs i.e. well known routes. Kennels have runs. One's nose can run. Skiers have a run. During ill health one is "run down"... and the same two words refer to being hit by a vehicle, or a clock or battery becoming depleted. Dilapidated property is also said to be run down. A desperado is 'on the run from the evade or flee. When all goes well, things run smoothly. In competitions there is a runner up. At present we are on the run up to a referendum. Then there's the physical act of going for a run.

I'm sure that when you start thinking about it you will come up with much more too.

Well, I must run so here's my ever so quick contribution for this week! It's about a clock...and how time runs...

Round and round and round I go,
The hands on my face turn rather slow
But the little hand goes quickly past,
For the seconds of life go flying fast.

I have a face but cannot see,
No lips to smile so tenderly.
No ears to hear those voices dear
But the march of time is very clear.

No brow to furrow, no cheek to turn
Though the course of life does through me burn.
Rigid hands without their arms.
I mark out time -it's toils and charms.

So round and round and round I go.
The days of life may seem rather slow,
But the seconds beat a faster tune.
Heading always to Man's own doom.

Thanks for reading....must run .....Kath


Adele said...

Stop the clock - I may need more time! Great blog Kath.