Friday, 6 January 2017


This week's theme is a typical response to the Festive referred to as a time of excess. Diets are forgotten, lots of alcohol is consumed, many gifts are given ( sometimes costing an obscene amount of money ). We over - indulge. Petty squabbles get blown out of all proportion. Late nights, partying, feasting and drinking become a pattern that many follow. The saying, " You can't have enough of a good thing " is rubbish. The other saying, " A little of what you fancy does you good " is more apt.

I've found myself being rather 'mean' over don't get me wrong I celebrate the Season, but I've cut down on the amount of food, titbits and extras that I buy. A few weeks before Christmas I buy a couple of extra treats ( I am lactose intolerant and buy 'free from ' products ..that by their nature are more expensive anyway ). This year I didn't bake my own cake or mincemeat pies , nor Saussure rolls or cheese straws. and you know it hasn't made a bit of difference. I'm still left with purchased ' goodies'. No one commented...who is to comment? I only entertained three people in my home over the festive season.

As for gifts ...well I started in June. I made a quilt for a friend in Scotland , and for another friend in the same town I crocheted a blanket. Both items I took with me when I went up on holiday in October. Most others also got handmade items. An older friend got a hamper. During the year I kept an eye open for thoughtful gifts that would be useful, or joyful or fun for the receiver. Result? Everyone was delighted with their presents (and I have some stashed away for next year).

Christmas Day dinner comprised of a piece of ham (purchased weeks before and frozen). With this I made soup which was frozen and consumed on New Year's Day. A  piece of roast beef...just enough for that day and some to freeze for later. Melon bought two weeks before to ripen to perfection. Free from pudding and coconut milk custard . I asked my guest what vegetables she liked and just cooked enough for that meal. Result? No annoying cold left overs to consume the next day, but sensible food and a freezer of meals for another day.  In fact that dinner on the 1st. comprised ready cooked soup and meats along with fresh vegetables of choice.

 No excess (or not much of it) in this household. No waste either.

Well you must excuse me whilst I partake of my lunch...I have oatcakes and crackers with home made soup to go and see back soon.....

This week's poem is about accidental excess. I was invited to a Mayoral reception in the Blackpool Town Hall ( I usually have a yearly invite ) . The invited guests always include people that go dancing , due to connections. I stood next to a lady that I knew and we were chatting whilst partaking of refreshments. She said she had tonic in her glass. I questioned this as the prepared trays of drinks had included, amongst other things , gin and tonic. However she was adamant that she would know if it was G & she'd never had that drink and was sure to tell the difference. Asking her what else she'd had to drink she told me that she'd had a glass of wine and therefore her intent to have tonic now. It took much persuading as she grew gigglier to make her ask the Mayor's secretary.... and YES you've guessed it....

     G & T
      Is it gin and tonic in this glass ?
      For you see I'm sort of squiffy - so I ask.
      I thought it only tonic, do you see
      And now I'm a bit unsteady, not like me.

      Soon, I'm dancing at the tower, for a while
      But I won't be good - I've lost my style.
      So I ask most kindly of you Mr. Mayor
      That if it's gin and tonic - I must take care.

      It seems as if I'm giggly too as well
      And rather hot and flushed - as you can tell.
      So is it gin and tonic in this glass ?
      For if it is , Mr Mayor, then I must pass.

      Could I please exchange this heady drink
      And have instead a tonic, do you think ?
      Or instead a nice hot cup of tea,
      I'm feeling quite light headed - not like me.

      Oh dear, now I'm walking with a sway,
      My friends think I've had quite enough today.
      Dear Mr Mayor, do tell this happy lass -
      Is this gin and tonic in my glass ?

Even funnier is that I read this poem out to her and she said , " Funny you writing this I had an incident just like it at the Mayor's reception ". She didn't realise it was about her!

Thanks for reading....Kath