Monday, 16 July 2018


I love masks, as strange as that may sound. I love their warped features and empty stares. I have two Venetian masks hanging on my bedroom wall - to me they are beautiful. As a theatre student and performer I really appreciate how wearing a mask can really transform you.  They not only make you look different but they make you feel different. To me It feels like another part of myself that has been locked away in the depths of my unconscious, has surfaced and is ready to prowl.

Mask work can help people to see the world from a different perspective and to grow in confidence. Trestle Theatre Company works with people of all walks of life; the elderly, children, depressives and even criminals to help them grow as individuals. All through the power of mask!

Now, how are masks relevant in the real world I hear you ask? I believe we all kind of wear masks - metaphorically speaking unless you’re in to that kind of thing! I believe we change who we are to suit our environment. We put on different faces so to speak.  The tricky thing is when we have to make the decision on how drastically do we need to change ourselves to fit in.  Stay true to you and follow your gut is my advice, if you have to put on a mask to please those around you… you’re not surrounding yourself with the right people.

A poem by moi!

A Room Full of Faces
I look everywhere
I see a sea of masks.
Each one concealing a hidden desire.
With all this fakery,
I want truth
I want fire.
You and I are stuck in a room full of faces.
Let’s leave,
Let’s explore new places.

Thanks for reading, Helena x


Steve Rowland said...

Great blog Helena, very well written. Your practical perspective is most interesting and I really like the poem.

The existentialist said...

No mask required.

Adele said...

Welcome back Helena. Sound advice and a super poem